Hostry Festival
Norwich, Norfolk.


Norwich Hostry Festival was founded in 2010 as result of the efforts of a local partnership The PBSK, it has quickly become one of Norwichs’ most prestigious festivals based around live theatrical performances.

The Hostry Festival is held annually in The Hostry @ Norwich Cathedral.

Ideal Events were approached to tender for the supply of staging and tiered seating for the festival, and were delighted to be awarded the contract.

Website: Hostry Festival


Staging and seating design.


In relative terms, The Hostry does not offer large performance spaces and due to its design after the recent refurbishment, poses many structurally related obstacles when considering the design and build of a temporary structure, such as staging.

Following a site visit and meeting with the festival management, Ideal Events designed a stage which considered the known issues and delivered a solution.

The plan was accepted by all parties and an install date was agreed.

Building the stage.


The build was required two days prior to the first performance date to allow time for rehearsals, and scheduled to be completed within one day.

The stage and seating system required in excess of 20 pieces of various sized lite deck, which had to be transported manually onto the first floor. Extreme care was neccesary from our install team, due to access being via the original Hostry spiral staircase and over a glass walled walkway.

Ideal Events provided protective flooring for all walkways, to ensure no damage was caused. A three person team was used to transport the deck, 2 persons for lifting and a banksman to ensure no damage was caused to the surrounding structures.

On completion of transporting the deck to the build site, our staging team initiated the build as per the plans supplied by our design team.

The build had a tolerance of less than 10mm due a glass border situated on each side of the floor space, this tolerance was met, as was the task of building the staging structure around two circular pillars.

Staging hire in Norwich.

The final part of the stage build was to construct a disabled access ramp, however due to constraints of the building, Ideal Events were unable to use the lite deck ramp, which would be the norm in such a build, and were required to build a ramp using a timber based structure, designed in-house and constructed on site by our qualified install team.

The second half of the build focused on the tiered seating system, which although the plans had already been agreed, this structure was, at the request of the festival management, changed on build day. Ideal Events accommodated this change and after discussing the changes with their planning team, were able to complete the new build within the allocated time.

The event was hailed a huge success by the local media and art critics, Ideal Events were thanked personally by the festival management team for delivering their services as promised and embracing the last minute changes without issue.

Ideal Events look forward to working with the festival in the future.

Website: Hostry Festival

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